Last Updated: Sunday, November 27th, 2016



Joining Double IMD Byron Schrag will be WorldVentures President Eddie Head!

Want to hear about the Flye card? How close are we to a $ Billion in sales? Wanna hear about the current and new promotions? What’s coming next?? You should tune in!

Facebook LIVE

Tonight’s show will be tested again via Facebook LIVE on the SchragBlog page. No dial-in.. No other webinar system.. (If you miss the Live broadcast, the recording will live on in SchragBlog, and as usual we’ll provide the audio on and the ChillinWorldWide App!)

Log On Early – 9pm CST

Log into the group at least 5 minutes early and refresh the page once at 9pm CST! (It could take the two systems up to 2 minutes to sync the stream.. please be patient!)

Add Your Team Now

–> ADD YOUR TEAM MEMBERS to the SchragBlog Group NOW, They must be a group member to watch this Live broadcast & replay!  If you cannot click the link, then a team member will have to add you to this SECRET FB group!

Note: We will STOP adding new members 20 minutes prior to call to allow for call preparation & go time!!

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