Living the Core Values with Keith Brown

Keith M. Brown Cover Story

Keith Brown was working as a bus driver in Chicago, Illinois, and had resigned himself to what he thought would be his fate. “I worked 14 years with the bus company and thought that was it for the rest of my life,” he says. “The pension wasn’t going to be enough. Most people there had to get another job after retirement, and a lot of them died within three years of retiring.”

Then something unexpected changed his life.

A co-worker, William Collins, discovered WorldVentures and told Keith there was a better way to make a living than driving a bus.

Three years later, Keith now eats, sleeps and breathes WorldVentures. He admits that he was originally attracted by the opportunity to travel—especially DreamTrips. “Before WorldVentures, my world consisted of the state of Illinois and not much more. Now my world is a lot bigger. I can go anywhere I want. I have friends all over the world, including Cyprus, Singapore and China. Because we’re all involved with WorldVentures, everyone feels like family.”

WorldVentures has expanded Keith’s horizons in other ways, too. Now he’s focused on building a financial legacy for his family. “I want to look down from heaven and see my family’s lives changed because of the decision I made to join WorldVentures.”

He believes his goal is within reach because of the team approach that is the heart of WorldVentures. In fact, “We Are One Big Team” is the core value that resonates most with Keith. “We are all working and striving together,” he explains.

Whether he is working shoulder to shoulder with his home team, reaching out to other teams in Chicago, or partnering with teams in Baltimore and beyond, Keith knows they will succeed because they all genuinely care for one another and are deeply invested in each other’s success. They know that they can achieve far more together than alone.

This strong support system keeps him motivated. If anyone on the team falters, someone has their back—especially their accountability partner. “If you have a bad day, that individual can put you back on track. They hold you accountable for the goals you’ve set.”

Keith believes the team that works and plays together stays together. Right now they’re looking forward to an eight-day cruise to the Caribbean, but when the team isn’t off on an exciting travel adventure, they stay active in their community. Recently, Keith’s team joined forces with the Nancy Lieberman Foundation to build a basketball court for the Chicago’s Boys & Girls Club through DreamCourts, a program that provides children in underprivileged communities with a place to shoot hoops, participate in free basketball clinics and learn valuable lessons about teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Having the opportunity to make a difference is someone else’s life isn’t lost on Keith or his teammates. “A lot of us came from nothing. We were living paycheck to paycheck. The decision we made to become part of WorldVentures totally changed our lives and the lives of our children.”

It’s no surprise that Keith is passionate about sharing his blessings and finds Facebook a great way to spread the WorldVentures message. His fun travel photos—playfully tagged with “You Should Be Here!”—attract a lot of attention. “I want to take what I have and bless other people—people who thought they had no way out. I want to educate people and expose them to a different way of earning a living. I want to help build a team of people who can change communities and generations.”

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